“Green Birth”

Seed-napped from my mother to be

nestled amongst dry feathers

I soon fall from my soft womb

and plunge downwards,

as a wet drop would,

to smack into the earth

and wriggle my way into the dirt.

Just born, but heavy with my own child

pleasure as I give out my first root

it reaches beneath me through soil

to find all the food it can eat

looting the earth like a bear

snorting its way

through a beehive.

Another pressure released

birth a second time

a stem shoots heavenward

and my eye blind from dirt

suddenly awash in light

and heat

to nourish my growing stalk.

As a chick bursts

from her shell chirping

its way into the world,

my first leaf opens

its green mouth

crying for sunlight.

Thrice leaves unfurl

more roots shoot downward

and boots thud nearby

but avoid my new beauty

my patch in the fauna.

My trunk becomes strong

new dry bark my armor

brown limbs stretch

ready to bear the ripe,

swelling sacks

of birth once again.