My life is about to undergo a drastic change.  I just graduated from college with an English Degree and I’m moving to a new city twenty hours away from the town in which I grew up.  So I thought – why not start a blog while I’m at it?

I will most likely be writing about my new internship in the tourism industry, my artwork, and of course BOOKS, which are my greatest passion.  I mainly read fantasy and science fiction (and at all costs try to stay away from gooey romantic novels like – god forbid – Nicolas Sparks).

Some of my favorite authors: Poppy Z. Brite, Terry Brooks, Orson Scott Card, Samuel R. Delany, Alexandre Dumas, Brian Jacques, Anne McCaffrey, Christopher Paolini, Ayn Rand, Shakespeare, and  R.A. Salvatore.

Any other Sci-Fi/ Fantasy fans out there??