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Looking for the perfect, relaxing vacation? Don’t want to bring the kids along?

Do you love nature and hiking? Do you want to experience the rainforest first-hand?

If so, Luna Lodge is perfect for you.  Luna Lodge is owned by an amazing woman named Lana. The Colorado native had a dream to build an eco-friendly paradise within the rainforest of Costa Rica. You can experience her dream by staying at Luna Lodge, located on the beautiful Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.

Stay at Luna Lodge if you: love nature, enjoy healthy food, like to hike, are looking for peace of mind, like to do yoga, want to see rainforest flora and fauna up-close, want to relax/rejuvenate, or want to see one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Note: This location is perfect for honeymooners. This location is not compatible with wheelchairs.

Note: there is limited electricity at Luna Lodge. Appliances that use lots of electricity, such as hair dryers, must be left at home.  Each tent includes two lights and enough electricity to, say, charge a cell phone.

Note: there is no air-conditioning at Luna Lodge. However, the mild climate and tropical winds create a comfortable temperature. It is not excessively hot and most of the property is in the shade.

Note: Internet access is available in the gift shop for a small fee.

This location is fun for: adults who want to relax and enjoy nature. NOT recommended for children.

What to bring: hiking gear (mainly hiking shoes), a book, the intent to relax.

My experience:

Because the Lodge is located in the rain forest, it is not easily accessible.  There is an air taxi (HIGHLY recommended) that will take you to the Lodge.  There is also an off-road vehicle that will take you to the Lodge (NOT recommended).  My mother and I stayed in a tent at the top of the property.  We had an absolutely amazing view from our porch (the top of my blog features a picture taken here).  Luna Lodge is absolute paradise.  I stayed here for a week and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a relaxing vacation. The entire Lodge can only accommodate around 30 people.  Everyone dines at the same place and at the same time for each meal.  This setting creates a great atmosphere for getting to know the other tourists.  The food here is GREAT. All the bread is baked fresh everyday and the veggies are grown right behind the kitchen.

Things to do at Luna Lodge:

  • Swim in the pool located right outside the dining area.
  • Curl up in one of the hammocks located inside the dining area.
  • Enjoy a view of the cliffs and rainforest from anywhere on the property.
  • Yoga class overlooking the rainforest each morning.
  • Browse the selection of books in the dining area.
  • Get to know your fellow tourists.
  • Hike any of the trails on the property (watch out for monkeys!!).
  • Swim in two beautiful waterfalls located on the property.
  • Use the telescope at night to view the clear sky of the rainforest.
  • Enjoy a drink at the bar.
  • Take the guided night hike that leaves just after dinner to see the exotic nocturnal animals of the rainforest.
  • Get a massage at the small spa overlooking the rainforest.

Some things to do off-property:

  • Hike through Corcovada National Park.
  • Go deep-sea fishing and have the cooks at Luna Lodge serve your fish for dinner.
  • Explore the black sand beaches of the Osa Peninsula.
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Several different guided hikes are available.

Some of the amazing experiences I had while staying at Luna Lodge:

  • Tasted snook (a type of fish) that had been caught that day.
  • Lived in a tent in the rainforest for a week!!
  • Explored the rainforest and beautiful waterfalls.
  • Spent time reading in a hammock.
  • Really enjoyed the fresh, healthy food.
  • Learned about Lana’s Whitehawk Project and the effort she is making to help protect the rainforest and its inhabitants.
  • Took the night hike and saw spiders, frogs, and snakes.
  • Took several off-property tours with knowledgeable guides.
  • Made friends with fellow tourists from all over the world & shared stories with them.
  • Enjoyed the perfect, mild weather of Costa Rica.
  • Hiked through Corcovada National Park and encountered a group of coatimundis.
  • Saw my first black sand beach.
  • Saw a sloth, crabs, several types of monkeys, one of the biggest frogs in the world, macaws, and many other rainforest animals.

This was the most relaxing vacation I have ever had.  If you are looking for some peace and mind, come to Luna Lodge and experience paradise.

I stayed at Luna Loge in: January, 2012.

Find out more about Lana, Luna Lodge, and the Whitehawk Project at <http://www.lunalodge.com/index-en.html&gt;