Today was my first day as an intern for Dragonfly Expeditions (  My first “assignment” was to write a blog post about myself on the company’s website.  I decided to repost it here:

Meet the Team: Intern April

Hello! My name is April Kuhlman and I’m twenty-two years old. Before you ask – yes, my birthday is in April. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in the small town of Batesville, Indiana,I would consider myself a Midwestern girl proud of her Irish and German heritage. I spent my childhood exploring the woodlands surrounding the area in which I grew up. The two most important decisions I made as a child were becoming a musician and a competitive swimmer. I swam competitively for about twelve years. This experience gave me discipline, motivation, and the desire to always keep my body healthy. I learned to play the clarinet in fifth grade and
later had the opportunity to play in marching bands, concert bands, a jazz band, and multiple pit orchestras; I am still a member of the Eureka Band – the oldest, continuous, volunteer band in the country.

I held several part time jobs before I graduated college, but the only one worth
mentioning is the job I had at CSR ranch. During the summers of 2009 and 2011, I worked as a tour guide/animal caregiver at this privately-owned ranch. At the ranch, I had the opportunity to work with animals such as buffalo, monkeys, wolves, iguanas, chinchillas, and black bears. During the summer of 2011 I raised an infant tiger. In my free time, I enjoy running, biking, reading, writing, watching science fiction movies, playing video games, hiking, and pursuing artwork as a hobby.

I have been a bibliophile since the day I learned how to read. I started to form my own library as soon as I was old enough to ask my business-minded parents to buy me books for Christmas (to their utter bafflement). My love of reading combined with an additional desire to write led to the pursuit of an English degree. I began my college career at Indiana University in the beautiful town of Bloomington in 2008. During college I was a member of the Indiana University Marching Hundred, one of the most talented college marching bands in the country. In May 2012, I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.9, a B.A. in English, and a Minor in Psychology. I focused my English degree within the realm of Creative Writing (fiction). My poem “Green Birth” has been published in three literary journals and my short story “Garden
Girl” has been published in one literary journal. It is my dream to one day publish a novel. My only sibling – a younger brother named Bryan – is currently pursuing degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice at Indiana University. Upon my recent graduation, I decided I wanted an adventure before settling into the work world (if I ever do find myself settling into the work world).

My first trip away from the Midwest occurred when I was but two years old. This trip to South Dakota marked the beginning of a long string of amazing family vacations. Fortunately, my parents had the desire and means to travel often – and even better – they always took the kids along! Initially, we travelled to common American tourist locations such as San Diego, Orlando, Lake Michigan, Hawaii, and the Niagara Falls. As I grew older, I was able to visit the following, more exotic, places: Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. My trip to Costa Rica in January 2012 brought to my attention the increasingly popular industry of ecotourism/sustainable tourism. I fell in love with the tropical landscape of Costa Rica and felt the desire to protect and educate others about any and all wild areas remaining unspoiled in the world.

My desire to experience adventure and a new atmosphere prompted me to look for an internship in tourism. In addition, I had enjoyed working as a tour guide at CSR ranch and felt that the tourism industry would benefit from my writing skills. Honestly, I did not think that an English major would be able to secure an internship in the tourism industry, but I stayed positive. After researching many different travel companies, I chose to apply for an internship with Dragonfly Expeditions because I agreed with their goals and vision. I also wanted to live
somewhere a little warmer than Indiana!

Before I moved to Miami, I had only been to Florida a handful of times. Although I have only lived in the Sunshine State for a few days, I was immediately impressed by the character and diversity of the population and the fairytale landscape of Coral Gables created by the old Spanish architecture and native flora. I am looking forward to riding my bike down the avenues of what will be my neighborhood for the next six months; avenues that – because of the immense, beautiful trees – become living corridors that are wondrous to behold.