I was really dismayed to hear that a science fiction icon passed away this Tuesday. Having just finished reading one of Bradbury’s longer anthologies, I found it hard to believe that this master of Mars had passed on into the universe of the afterlife. In honor of one of the best creative minds ever to contribute to what we call the science fiction genre, I’m posting one of my favorite Ray Bradbury quotes:

“Any owner of cats will know of what I speak. Cats come at dawn to sit on your bed. They may not nip your nose or inhale your breath or make a sound. They simply sit there and stare at you until you open one eyelid and spy them there about to drop dead for need of feeding. So it is with ideas. They come silently in the hour of trying to wake up and remember my name. The notions and fancies sit on the edge of my wits, whisper in my ears and then, if I don’t rouse, give more than cats give: a good knock in the head, which gets me out and down to my typewriter before the ideas flee or die or both. In any event, I make the ideas come to me. I do not go to them. I provoke their patience by pretending disregard. This infuriates the latent creature until it is almost raving to be born and once born, nourished.”

I own three cats myself and I have always felt that ideas simply come out of me when they are ready. I don’t have to go looking for them. They can come to me at any time – as I lie awake in bed at night, during the middle of a meeting at work, or simply when I am going for a run.

RIP Ray Bradbury – you will not be forgotten.