I love octopuses.

I fucking love octopuses. 

This post is dedicated to the amazing creatures we know as octopuses. If you haven’t heard of the mimic octopus, check out this amazing video.

Octopuses have EIGHT arms, are amazing swimmers, and even taste good!

There is a pokemon that looks like an octopus (Octillery), a rum named after a monster octopus (Kraken), and even jewelry fashioned to look like octopuses:


I bought this little guy on etsy.com ^


I bought this one on eBay ^

My dream tattoo would be an octopus tattoo. Here’s the very beginning of a design for it:


When I was in school, I used to draw octopuses when I got bored in class. They looked silly like this:


From bloopers to grilled octopus to octopus-like sea monsters, I couldn’t imagine a more AWESOME animal!