Sea Serpent IllustrationChapter Three: Sea Serpents: Wherein we Encounter a Variety of Gigantic and Otherwise Impressive Cryptozoological Beasts from the Seven Seas and Elsewhere.

Some interesting words from this chapter:

“Cryptid” – a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is unrecognized by scientific consensus and often regarded as highly unlikely.

“Elasmobranch” – belonging to the subclass of cartilaginous fishes comprising the sharks and rays.

“Coxswain” – the steersman of a ship.

“Paleoichthyologist” – someone who studies fossilized fish.

This chapter, like the previous, wasn’t particularly interesting for me. However, I was impressed by the sheer number of sea serpent accounts and sightings. And did you know: “…the period from 1817 to 1847 was the high point of American monster sighting” (Ellis 54)?