As my boss continues to give me more power (!!) in regards to the company’s blog and newsletter, I will be re-posting (with some tweaking) most of the stuff I have to write for work. This article features one of our tour guides. She is an amazing woman and I hope to get to know her a little better during the remainder of my internship. Independent and beautiful, spending time with her has inspired and motivated me in regards to volunteer work, exercise, travel, and following my dreams.

“Meet the Team – Guide Yeraldine”

*Personal information and photos have been omitted

Yeraldine first started working with Dragonfly Expeditions when a mutual friend of Megan suggested that she check out the company. Constantly a victim of the wanderlust, Yeraldine had just returned from a backpacking trip in South America when she was informed that Dragonfly Expeditions was looking for guides. Her diverse travel background made her a fitting leader for the company and she thought it a “wonderful surprise to find a welcomed match between my passions and their job description.”

She is always looking for her next adventure. Her never-ending energy and enthusiasm make Yeraldine a great guide who always tries to impart a true sense of place to the individuals journeying with her. Add the desires to travel, discover new places, and create cultural connections – and she is a perfect fit for Dragonfly Expeditions and our own vision and mission.

Florida is “geographically gifted,” says Yeraldine. During our interview, she referred to the state’s strategic location, large amount of land, water access, and cultural diversity. She enjoys living in the sunshine state because Florida “makes for adventurous road trips within the state or an easy hop by plane to many other nearby destinations in the Caribbean.”

Despite her great appreciation of the state, Yeraldine is not a Floridian by birth. She was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States as a teenager. As an adult, she has lived in Boston, Massachusetts and various parts of Florida.

I would describe Yeraldine as a “wearer of many hats.” She has a bachelor’s degree in Software Development from Florida Atlantic University and has worked as a software engineer and a real estate manager. In addition, she volunteers her time for Habitat for Humanity, the Green Mobility Network, the Urban Oasis Project, and the Miami International Film Festival.

Yeraldine enjoys guiding tours that focus on history; in particular, her favorite is the Incredible Women of Miami tour. She likes this tour because, as a non-native Miamian, it heightened her admiration for the tough pioneer women who literally put the Magic City on the map. She admires these determined women who fought to create a community in the wilderness in an era during which women didn’t have much of a voice in society.

Yeraldine’s hobbies are as diverse as her background. She enjoys anything that “allows a shift of perspective.” This includes activities such as kayaking, biking, rollerblading, hiking, and watching foreign films. Yeraldine now resides in Miami, where she enjoys keeping up with the local artwork and is currently developing her skills as an amateur photographer.

You can check out the Dragonfly Expeditions official blog post to see an example of her photography! 🙂