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ImageThe company I work for has over 20 sister companies (all owned by the SAME GUY). Yea, he’s a little intimidating. But anyway, I wrote the following article to introduce one of our newest sister companies: Green Heron Gifts (the Green Heron himself, a nice gay gentleman, likes to frequent our office). If you view the company blog, the article is published under my boss’s name. Oh, the sacrifices we writers must make … *sigh* I don’t usually let them stick someone else’s name on my work, but since my boss and the CEO edited this one considerably, I didn’t mind (not too much, anyway). Enjoy.

ImageDragonfly Expeditions is always looking for new ways to support the local economy and convey the spirit and beauty of Florida to visitors. These sentiments were the genesis for the launch of our sister company, Green Heron Gifts. Established in 2009, Green Heron Gifts strives to represent the real Florida by offering volume quantities of unique, local products. By ensuring that each item for sale is original and made using a sustainable process, the company limits waste and presents gifts that will be meaningful to both buyer and recipient.

After watching craft industries and local offerings get wiped out by cheap, generic imports, we decided to launch Green Heron Gifts with the philosophy: “Achieving prosperity and sustainability through merchandising products that preserve an authentic sense of place.” All items that the company sells are eco-friendly reflections of Florida’s art, culture, and history. The ideal client is one who has a desire to make a difference in the world through his/her group spending choices.

Green Heron Gifts offers selections from every part of the state. Whether groups spend time in Miami, travel the diverse ecosystems of the Everglades, spend a day of family fun in Orlando, relax in the Florida Keys, or partake in the vibrant culture of the Tampa region, they will find an appropriate item to match their visit to the Sunshine State.

We utilize a treasured guild of artists, craftsmen, growers, entrepreneurs, and free spirits to create items that evoke the very essence of Florida. Gifts include watercolors of historic hotels, edible items, artwork created from recycled materials, hand-painted cigar boxes with brilliant patterns, Key West Bloody Mary mix, carved wooden bowls, trophies that replicate the Miami skyline, books, and so much more. Speaking of books, one of Green Heron Gifts’ favorites is the handsome, hard-cover coffee table book South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance, written by our own Charles J. Kropke (this one’s my CEO), Eleanor Goldstein, and Joe Davis.

Please remember that Green Heron Gifts provides volume quantities only. You can browse all of their Florida-made items on the company website or contact the president, Tim Jefferson, at [personal info has been removed].