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The intern in the office next to mine brings her two small dogs to work every day. I think this is totally inappropriate, but my boss wanted me to write something cute about them, so below is article I wrote for work:

ImageAs the Dragonfly Expeditions team sits around the table during our weekly meeting on Monday mornings, it’s not uncommon for us to feel something small brush past our ankles. It’s not a mouse. It’s the tail of a Chihuahua; or to be more specific – two Chihuahuas. We are proud to introduce the most recent additions to the Dragonfly Expeditions family: Cookie and Peaches. Our two newest friends wasted no time in making themselves at home in the Biltmore Hotel. When Stephanie, intern for our sister company Windjammer Sailing Adventures (located in the office next door), moved to Miami from Germany, she didn’t come alone. She arrived in the US with two little and loveable dogs in tow. It took some getting used to, but now we can’t imagine the workday without Cookie and Peaches frolicking between our two offices. Read more to find out which dog is a mother of five and which dog weighs less than six pounds!

Three years ago, Stephanie acquired a five ounce ball of fluff about the size of a brownie. Cookie is now full-grown and weighs only five pounds! This tiny dog’s bark is definitely worse than her bite. She may act and sound like a Doberman, but when she gets too close to another dog she loses her courage and flees in terror. Despite her thin waist, Cookie is somewhat of a glutton. Every time the microwave dings, she gallops into the room hoping for a snack. She also suffers from jealousy and tends to be high-maintenance.

Fun fact: Although Cookie won’t admit it, Stephanie suspects she is part Miniature Pinscher.

ImageWith her laid-back nature, Peaches provides quite a contrast to her slightly spastic coworker. Instead of begging for scraps, this nine-year-old is more concerned with furthering her career. Although she is technically a Windjammer employee, Peaches also does some marketing work for Dragonfly Expeditions. This older Chihuahua has a more mature weight of 11 pounds and is the proud mother of five grown children. She is always looking for more love.

Fun fact: Both dogs were raised in a bilingual environment, but they prefer German to English.

Cookie and Peaches have enjoyed Miami life so far. They have been homesick lately due to the lack of snow in South Florida, but they absolutely love working in the Biltmore Hotel. The two Chihuahuas are ready to leave for work as soon as they wake up, according to Stephanie. And they really enjoy the car ride to work. Most days they even arrive before Stephanie does (probably because they don’t know the meaning of “walk”). When asked why she likes small dogs, Stephanie responded, “They are more convenient and easier to take with you if you plan on moving around.”

Dogs aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an office, but we have all grown to love Cookie and Peaches and are looking forward to celebrating their first Florida Christmas with them.