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book wormReading a lot of blogs lately has made me realize that I haven’t posted on my own blog in far too long. Perhaps this is because many of my posts are book reviews and I haven’t finished any books lately; or maybe the big changes going on in my life right now have prevented me from wanting to or having the time to write.

But since I’m now feeling the inclination to write, it’s time to talk about my favorite topic – books! I’m currently in the middle of Mervyn Peake’s exhaustively dense Gormenghast Trilogy and Salvatore’s Gauntlgrym, the first in a quartet titled Neverwinter. I ordered the first three books in the saga because I thought I needed to get caught up on Drizzt’s story before The Last Threshold came out … but I just saw that it was released on March 5.

Speaking of new books, I’m also looking forward to reading Earth Afire, which was released on June 4. If you’re familiar with the Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card (if you aren’t, you really need to get your priorities in order), this new novel promises to be exciting. We finally get to experience the First Formic War and meet the legendary war hero Mazer Rackham! This reminds me that the Ender’s Game film is scheduled to come out on November 1. I can’t think of a book that is more in danger of being ruined by the big screen, but we’ll leave that for a later discussion.

World War Z hits theatres on June 21 and the corresponding novel is currently sitting on my table … but since June 21 is less than a month away I’m unfortunately not going to get to it before the movie comes out.

So back to what I AM reading …

The Gormenghast Trilogy is made up of Titus Groan, Gormenghast, and Titus Alone. I’m about halfway through the first book and it’s been rough. The story moves at a snail’s pace and most of the text is conversation. I’m fond of overly descriptive writing without much talking (Tolkien, anyone?) so you can imagine my frustration. But since I am too stubborn to put down a book that I’ve already started, I will soldier on through this 1,000+ page tome.

The  Legend of Drizzt Do’urden series is very close to my heart, but let’s be realistic – things get repetitive. That being said, Gauntlgrym has surprised me at every turn. The absence of most of the main characters is off-putting at first. I was glad to see Wulfgar (we assume) bite the dust and I definitely won’t miss Cadderly (fucking Cadderly!), but I do miss Cattie-brie and Regis.

Gauntlgrym is surprisingly sexual for an author who unfortunately does everything he can to avoid a good sex scene. In this novel, we meet the alluring and deadly Dahlia Sin’felle, a woman who keeps track of her murdered ex-lovers with the number of diamonds in her ears (corny but nonetheless surprising). Her current lover is the vampire Korvin Dor’Crae. When those two join up with Jarlaxle (probably my favorite character in the series) and Athrogate, we’ve got the weirdest mix of characters I can think of. I’m about 1/3 of the way through and in addition to the normal dwarves, humans, elves, and drow we’ve already seen a vampire, ghouls, ghosts, a fire elemental, tieflings, wizard lichs, and more. I’m definitely looking forward to where this book is going.

A Dahlia-Jarlaxle hookup seems inevitable but I know we’ll only get a tease …