ImageIn my opinion, every business – whether it be a restaurant, bank, or whatever – deserves a chance. Some even deserve a second chance. A dingy old restaurant might turn out to be great, etc.But what I don’t believe in is third, fourth and fifth chances and I HAVE HAD IT WITH PNC BANK!

Back when I was a kid, I started my first bank account at a small local bank. Actually, I’m pretty sure my parents started an account for me before I was born. When I was a kid they made me put half my allowance into a savings account and the other half into the collection at church!! But before I get off topic … that local bank was bought out by PNC in 2009. PNC hired new tellers and that was a problem because in small towns you get to know your tellers, they never ID you, and you have access to everything without a password or a PIN!

These new tellers were old blonde cougars with bright red lipstick. They would interrupt customers as many times as possible to mechanically insert a “thank you for choosing PNC Bank” into the conversation. This is not a good marketing strategy.

When I moved to Florida and found out that PNC doesn’t live in Miami, I cancelled my PNC checking account and got a new shiny one at Chase Bank (Chase Bank is fantastic, by the way).

MISTAKE NUMBER 1: I kept my PNC credit card.

Now I don’t know about you, but I like paying off my credit card bill by mail. Mainly I don’t trust any sort of online transaction and I like to buy fancy checks. But because I’m a responsible adult I still check my account online. Two months ago I noticed that my payment was due in TWO DAYS – but I hadn’t received anything int he mail! I didn’t know whether to blame my landlady, PNC Bank, or the Miami mail system. When I called PNC and explained that I could not pay on time if I didn’t receive the bill, they introduced me to the magic of online payments.

MISTAKE NUMBER 2: I trusted the lady on the other end of the phone.

A few weeks later, I received a notice in the mail informing me that my payment was late. I called PNC and they told me that my payment had not gone through (even though I had paid over the phone with a representative). I paid again, this time making sure to double check everything. They removed the late fee.

MISTAKE NUMBER 3: I gave them another chance.

This month, I likewise did not receive a bill in the mail. No worries, I thought to myself, now I know how to pay online! I won’t get to write a fancy check, but at least my payment will be on time. A few days ago I logged in and checked my account. It showed that I had paid on June 5, right on time.

However, when I checked my Chase account (the one I used to pay off my credit card), it didn’t show any money going out.


I called PNC and got the same explanation: “Ma’m, your payment didn’t go through so we are going to have to charge you a late fee of $25.00.” I kindly explained that I had paid on time with THE SAME ACCOUNT I used to pay last time. It was already set up on my online account and everything. I told her that I was NOT paying the late fee ($25.00 – I can eat for a week on that!!) and that if she did not find a way to take it off, PNC would lose a valued customer. She didn’t remove the fee.

To conclude my story: I had a very negative start to my day, I have to pay the $25 late fee, I’m a little hungover from drinking at 8:30am, and I’m going to set up a credit card with Chase as soon as I can and cancel my PNC one. My afternoon was ruined by a flat bike tire, stealing what I thought would be the best part of my day and forcing me to walk all the way from the office to my apartment during my lunch break to get my car. I could have used that $25.00 to fix my tire.