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unnamedAs part of my 2014 resolution to cook more often and eat a healthier diet, I’m aiming to try one new recipe each week. This week’s experiment is Turmeric Tea.

Why Turmeric?

Sometimes called the “Spice of Life,” Turmeric is a gold-colored spice that comes from the plant Curcuma Longa. It is mainly used in India for its health benefits and as a yellow dye (be careful, the stuff stains kitchenware). Turmeric has considerable anti-inflammatory properties and has historically been used to treat sprains, aches, and pains along with liver and gastrointestinal disorders. Curcumin, the stuff that gives turmeric its yellow color, is responsible for all these benefits. Among a host of other word that begin with “anti,” curcumin is an antioxidant that can fight against chronic illnesses like diabetes and arthritis. Curcumin has even been labeled as an “anticancer.”

Click here for the recipe.

I liked this recipe because it was simple – there are only four ingredients. If you like honey, the stuff is actually pretty good. Just be careful with the black pepper. I added way too much the first time I made it and the taste of pepper covered up everything else!