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I just realized that most of my featured recipes are for breakfast. OH WELL! I’m a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Banana Pancakes Everyone loves pancakes. Unfortunately “normal” pancakes make me sick in addition to being downright horrible for your body. But not to worry, keep reading for an AWESOME and healthy alternative to pancakes. And the best part? It’s super easy! In fact, you only need three ingredients:

2 Bananas, 1 Egg, and a handful of chocolate chips.

Did you know bananas combat depression and hangovers? Keep reading, because at the end of this post I will share some of the many reasons why bananas are such a great fruit!

To make the pancakes: Mash the bananas with a fork and then whisk in a bowl with the egg. Spoon the batter carefully into a buttered/oiled skillet and cook like normal pancakes. I like to add the chocolate chips to each pancake once it has started cooking.


  • Go with several small pancakes instead of a couple large ones. The batter is quite runny and hard to flip.
  • Don’t flip them early (if you’re impatient like me, this is hard). I don’t know if it is because I used coconut oil in my skillet (or maybe I didn’t have the heat high enough), but these took FOREVER to cook. And they still weren’t cooked all the way through when I ate them (still delicious, though).  Wait until you see bubbles on the surface of each pancake before you flip ‘em.
  • Skip the maple syrup. This is a healthy alternative, remember? 🙂

Just a few of the man reasons you should eat bananas:

  • Bananas contain lots of tryptophan. Your brain converts this is serotonin, which makes you happy (if pancakes don’t make you happy enough already)!
  • Bananas are a great pre or post workout food and help with blood sugar levels.
  • Bananas help prevent calcium loss and muscle cramps.
  • Bananas can reduce PMS symptoms, relieve anemia, and even help prevent type II diabetes.
  • High levels of Vitamin B-6 means that bananas can reduce swelling, aid weight loss, strengthen your nervous system, help your body produce white blood cells, and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and hangovers.
  • Bananas heighten alertness and aid digestion.

I just finished my first try at these and I’m SUPER excited about this recipe!  It’s definitely something I will be making often.

Try it and let me know what you think!