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Smoothie #2 from SELF Magazine – I liked this one a little less than the previous, but it’s still good (if you like peaches). This smoothie is 350 calories and contains 2 peaches, almond milk (1 cup), almond butter (1.5 tbsp), turmeric (a pinch), and tofu (3oz).

I had never eaten tofu before, so this recipe seemed a little weird at first. However, the health benefits outweigh the slightly “off” taste of the tofu.

You can view my previous smoothie post for info about almonds and my post about turmeric tea for info about turmeric, but why the tofu? In this recipe, the tofu provides you with a source of protein. Tofu has also been known to reduce your risk of certain cancers. It also includes high amounts of calcium and manganese.

Peaches are delicious! But even better, they promote weight loss and include:

• Beta carotene (good for eyesight)
• Vitamin C (good for your skin)
• Fiber and potassium – makes peaches are a toxin cleanser

Happy blending!